Kindersley Air Spray

Aerial Spraying/Application Services Offered:

• Fungicides
• Insecticides
• Liquid Fertilizer
• Dry Fertilizer
• Grass seeding
• Pre-Harvest Glyphosate
• Range & Pasture Brush Control
• Forestry Protection and Management
• Yard Spraying for insect or disease control



Our planes are YOUR PLANES. We commit 100% to those farm operators who plan and partner with us.  When you plan with us and plan ahead we are able to deliver the best, most reliable service to your operation. Timing is hugely important with some farms doing two fungicide applications, insecticide and desiccation. If you see the obvious dollar savings Aerial Application can deliver, and I can count on your work, give me a call and let’s make a plan. Planning makes sure I ALWAYS have the equipment available. Those who partner with us can consider these THEIR AIRPLANES.