The Trampler calculator takes your ground sprayer information:
– Tire Width
– Boom Width
– Number of Headlands

And it calculates, based on a full square quarter:
– The number of passes required per quarter
– The potential loss in corners of the field due to turn radius
– The area trampled by the wheels of your ground sprayer

To eventually conclude, based on intended yield and crop value:
– The % of crop loss due to tramping
– The $ value of the loss per acre
– The number of acres lost per quarter

Additional to the loss, but not calculated here are the costs associated with:
– Grade loss because acres were not┬ácovered in time
– Time and ruts associated with going around pot holes and obstacles
– Fuel cost
– Machinery wear and tear
– Labour cost
– Soil compaction
– Complications to other field operations thanks to sprayer ruts
– Timing, air covers more acres
– The cost of your ground sprayer – capital tie up and financial costs

Note: this calculator assumes 7-12″ row spacing for small grain drilled crops.

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Calculated Loss

Losses due to tramping %


Losses due to tramping $/Ac


Acres Lost per Quarter