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Booking services is easy. All we need is the following information:

  • Land Locations
  • Number of acres
  • Crops to be applied on
  • Sensitive areas
  • Location of dwellings and obstructions (oil batteries, towers… etc.)
  • Product required with rate/amount to be applied
  • Dates you need us to spray (the more notice you can give us, the better!
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Kindersley, Macklin, Reward, Scott, Primate, Denzil, Leipzig, Landis, Cactus Lake, Salvador, Luseland, Tramping Lake, Handel, Biggar, Kerrobert, Kelfield, Springwater, Biggar, Ruthilda, Major, Dodsland, Loverna, Hoosier, Coleville, Plenty, Stranraer, Marengo, Flaxcombe, Netherhill, Fiske, McGee, Sibbald, Alsask, Brock, Darcy, Sibbald, Mantario, Glidden, Madison, Richlea, Wartime, Elrose, Laporte, Eatonia, Eston, Plato, Isham, Tyner, Empress, Leader, Sceptre, Lacadena, Mendham, Prelate, Lemsford, Herschel, Fiske, Anglia, Rosetown, Zealandia, Howard Powell, Duperow, Oyen and Provost.

Our Permanent bases are located in: Kindersley, Herschel (Herschel Air Service, a division of Kindersley Air-Spray), Eatonia, Luseland, Eston

While we generally cover the west-central area of the province, Kindersley Air Spray has mobile units capable of going anywhere in the province.

Give us a call at 1-306-463-4600 to discuss how we can help improve your bottom line.
Kindersley Air Spray Ltd
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